Done-For-You Niche Website Design in Barrowford

If you want a great looking website that’s affordable, modern, clean, fresh and ready-to-go without lots of fuss, huge lead times and being taken outside your comfort zone then we have the answer.

Unfortunately some companies take advantage of people who work in ‘the real world’. They baffle you with techno-speak, charge additional sums of money – often when you’re not sure what you’re paying for – and then keep control of the site they build even though you paid for it.

If you’re someone who prefers to spend your time working on your business rather than becoming a web designer or an expert in the latest coding language then you could well feel as though you are at the mercy of these unscrupulous types.

In the past you might have avoided having a website to avoid this problem. You might have taken the plunge, bought from a bigger company in the hope of getting someone who won’t let you down and then found they aren’t interested once they’ve taken your money. Or you might have decided to build your own website using one of the ‘template’ companies out there only to find that the site won’t do what you need it to and it looks amateurish as well.

That’s why you have done your research, arrived here and found the answer to your problems.

See How Your Website Will Look Before it's Built

Here you will find beautiful websites with great features and professionally produced text all ready to go to work for you; working in your niche and with your customers.

You will find real people on the end of the phone; people who are happy to work with you to make your perfect website. People who tell you exactly what you are paying for and what the price is before you start. People who are trustworthy, honest and dependable.

Don’t just take our word for it though. See at the bottom of this page what our verified reviews say.

Website design does not need to be a worry. As a ‘real world’ business you should not have to think of your website design and build as a problem.

Instead we will take all the issues away, get the whole thing set up for you, implement the personalisations you need to make the website 100% your own and, after two rounds of reviews with you, the website is yours, you own it entire and free.

If you take the website and vanish out of our lives forever at that point we’ll be sorry but that choice will be yours. Management of the site does need to be organised – to prevent hackers and spam – and we’ll talk to you about what that involves but we never hold your website hostage and we never own your domain name.

Website Design Features As Standard Your Website Will Include:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • On-screen link to telephone for mobile browsers so that a touch of the screen rings a client
  • Online link to email for mobile and other browsers so that a touch of the screen or a click of the mouse opens up a pre-addressed blank email for the person to send directly to you. 
  • Slider banner feature or videos for the header on the Home page.
  • Static (but beautiful) image headers for other pages.
  • Email capture Contact Form for your clients to use.
  • An SSL certificate courtesy of a reputable Hosting company – depending on the service you decide to go with.
  • A 24/7 support system courtesy of the same reputable Hosting company – again depending upon your choices.
  • Access to my extensive, professional image resources so that images are of the highest quality even if they are not supplied by you.
  • Live build process so that you have access to the site as it develops.
  • Two opportunities to make amendments to make your site perfect for you.
  • Quality content that is professionally produced; bespoke and free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors – due to my former profession as an English teacher.
  • UK relevant Privacy Policy Page and Terms and Conditions Page included.
  • Social Media Links.
  • Security plugin

What's Extra or Not Included in Your Website Design

Domain Name – You need to buy that yourself then you will own it and the renewals come to you not us. No chance of overlooking important communications. We will talk you through the process on Zoom for free.

Website Hosting – You can purchase our website hosting at £180 per year (including an SSL Certificate) if you want or you can go with an independent company. We will talk you through that on Zoom for free.

Logo design or bespoke illustrations/diagrams for your website – You will need to pay extra for them as they are custom items.

Any alterations made to the website during the build that are not part of the original agreement or which are in addition to the two amendment opportunities. 

Regular updates of php, plugins, themes and WordPress Core Updates.

Regular backup facilities to an external storage provider – We will help you set your own up for free or you can pay us to do that for you. The cost is £80 per year or £100 if you wish to include regular updates of php, plugins, themes and WordPress Core updates.

On-going maintenance or alterations to the website – We charge £35.00 per hour for simple updates but for anything more complex, we will quote you at the time of asking.

Complex features such as Booking Forms and WooCommerce are available but not included in the price of our Done-For-You Niche website.

Additional services that we offer such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, access to Marketing Strategy Courses, Email List Building, Contactless Business Card or Google Business Profile optimisation are not included in the price.

The Price for One of Our Modern, Brochure Websites is £665. Other Types of Website are also Available. Contact us for Details.

What do you need to do now?

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