Should I Blog for my Website?

22December 2023

“To blog or not to blog; that is the question…”

Well, no, it isn’t actually. You should be blogging on your website. Here are some reasons why.

It keeps your website current in Google’s eyes, which leads to higher rankings in searches.

It builds a relationship with customers and potential customers. That’s valuable to the business.

It lets you celebrate success, promote new initiatives and show appreciation for clients and workers.

It gives you opportunities to link to external sites and to other pages within your site.

What should you blog about?

Blog about things that happen in your business; from new clients to new machines; from charity fundraisers to Christmas parties; from anniversaries to future plans.

Add photos if you can; they improve engagement.

But blogging is hard work…

Maybe, but if you work smartly then it’s work you only need to do once.

What do I mean?

I mean you can take portions of your blog and turn them into social media posts. You can add them to your Google Business Profile. You could forward them to your local newspaper as a press release. You could use a software programme and turn them into a video to put on your website, make shorts or reels or start your TikTok presence. You can release them as a newsletter and send them to your existing clients and suppliers. You could use them in off-line publicity posters and/or put them as images around your premises to build a team and publically recognise your staff and their contribution.

If all else fails then employ someone to blog for you. Set up a regular meeting with them, talk to them about what has happened within the company and then they can transcribe the conversation and create your blog from it.

Most people can speak more fluently and at greater speed than they can write so, if that is you, don’t stress about it; outsource it.

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